5 Amusing Things That Happened in Vegas

5 Amusing Things That Happened in Vegas

5. Pool Hijinks

Las Vegas is known for having some of the nicest hotels in the world, and with that comes some of the nicest pools in the world. Since Jay is like a fish (and Las Vegas is HOT in June), he wanted to swim in as many pools as he could. Sadly, most Vegas pools are restricted to hotel guests or people paying for ridiculously priced day passes. While I understand this policy on some levels, I don’t entirely agree with it on others. Jay wanted to test his luck and see if he could get into one of the pools; he was hot and just wanted to jump in for a minute to cool off. He went up to the security at one of the larger pools and flashed his room key as he walked by- for the wrong hotel! And it worked! A little risky, but he got his dip and we were off on our next adventure.

4. Impromptu Dancing at La Salsa Cantina

One night we stopped in at La Salsa Cantina for dinner. Conveniently located on the strip between Paris Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood, it was a great place to stop and rest our feet. We also had a Travelzoo coupon, making it affordable as well as delicious! It was fairly early in the evening and I guess the hostess decided to draw in the crowds by doing some Salsa dancing on the sidewalk. Jay, being the gentleman that he is, felt bad that she was dancing alone. Even though he has two left feet, he finished his margarita (of course) and went out to shake up the sidewalk with her!

Dancing at La Salsa Cantina

3. Wishes Granted?

Anyone who has seen the movie BIG with Tom Hanks (am I dating myself here?) would understand how excited we were to come across an old Zoltar machine while exploring Las Vegas. The funny thing was, this machine was not in a touristy area or on display in a prominent store; it was sitting beside an old building almost out of sight on a fairly deserted side street. Spooky. We made a wish (just in case), but we didn’t come home with a million dollars.

Note: Yes, we did check to make sure it was plugged in.

Zoltar Box Las Vegas

2. Cologne Grows on Trees

We wanted to check out Fremont Street while we were in Vegas and for some reason we decided to walk. We were staying at Circus, Circus, which is near the North end of the strip, so we thought it wouldn’t be that far. Turns out we were wrong. However, we did get to see a lot on our walk; there were more wedding chapels than I could count, a surprisingly large amount of deserted space, and a cologne bottle in a tree. Apparently even the vegetation in Vegas like to be fancy. Where else in the world could you find a full bottle of cologne sitting in a tree?

1. Hard Rock Pool Flash

We spent some time at the Hard Rock pool because they had a free day (and we love free stuff). It was a bit of a hike from the strip, but it was worth it. The pool was gorgeous and the atmosphere was relaxing. We were sitting on our loungers debating between the water slide and a nap when I noticed that there was a second level to the pool area!  It was a smaller pool up there, but the wall that faced the main pool area was made of glass. I thought it was kind of neat that the main area could see the swimmers on the second level. Apparently I wasn’t the only one; the next time I looked up I was being mooned! I guess he thought it was funny that we could see his butt while everyone he was with was totally oblivious! What happens in Vegas…

Hard Rock Pool Flash