Downtown Disney

5 Reasons to Visit Downtown Disney

Disney is all about the details and Downtown Disney is no different. The streets are filled with stores, restaurants, entertainment and just a little bit of awe. You could easily spend a few days here and not run out of interesting things to do, but here are my top 5:

5. Earl of Sandwich

The first Earl of Sandwich is located here. Relatively cheap, good quality and the line up moves faster than you would expect. Yum.

4. Lego Imagination Center

This is basically a giant Lego store, but it also comes with a building station, Lego you can’t find anywhere else, and giant Lego statues. I might be a bit biased as I’m a huge Lego fan, but it was pretty cool. Who’s job tile is Kick-ass Lego Statue Builder and how can I get in on it?


3. Disney Quest

This is a 5 story, windowless building full of video games and 3D amusement rides. It’s pretty unique and you could lose a lot of time here (the whole no window thing helps that along). Jay especially liked the virtual Star Wars game where you kill things with a lightsaber and the old school Frogger game. Jay’s a huge Seinfeld fan so he has fond memories of Frogger; he spent 1 hour on the machine!

2. Mr. Potato Head

There is something I just love about Mr. Potato Head. I had one as a kid and it remained one of my favourite toys throughout my childhood. I was in heaven when I walked into Once Upon a Toy and saw a build your own Mr. Potato Head section. It had all the accessories you could ever want, plus some pretty awesome pre-made options. I wish I could have brought home the whole store!


1. Shopping (World of Disney)

If you are looking for something Disney, this is the place to go. It is said that the World of Disney store here is the largest collection of Disney paraphernalia in the world. They have everything and anything you could possibly want.

Except towels.

Well, they do have towels, just not when I want them.

When we were at Blizzard Beach I saw a towel from Finding Nemo that said “mine, mine, mine.” I fell in love and wanted to buy it, but Jay convinced me to hold out for World of Disney since he was convinced that they would have a bigger selection and I might find something I liked even more. Ironically, the biggest Disney store only had 5 towels, one of which was not the Finding Nemo towel I wanted. They called around and that towel could only be found at 2 stores on the entire Disney property. One of those was, you guessed it, Blizzard Beach. Shopping Fail.