Hollywood Studios

5 Reasons to Visit Hollywood Studios

5. Movie Magic

There is something about a movie set that can make anyone smile. While you are in Hollywood Studios take a stroll through New York or San Francisco and take your picture with some iconic props. If you are curious about how stunts are done, watch the cheesy (but amusing) Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! It’s the second longest running show at Disney World. You can also hear anecdotes about your favourite actors and watch clips from your favourite movies on the Great Movie Ride. There is something for every movie lover here.

New York, Hollywood Studios

San Francisco, Hollywood Studios

4. Fantasmic

You can’t go wrong with fireworks at Disney. Fantasmic is no different, featuring live actors, projections, music and special effects. Watch Mickey beat classic Disney villains in this 30 minute show that is sure to impress. Watch the schedule though, as this show is not on every day of the week.

3. Tower of Terror

This is essentially a glorified free fall ride, but the attention to detail Disney gives this attraction really amps up the fear level. The pre-ride entertainment (based on The Twilight Zone) sets the mood and the darkness inside heightens your senses. I’m usually not a fan of rides like this, but I would do this one again in a heartbeat. The best part about this ride is that it isn’t over after the first drop! Each time you go on this ride a computer picks one of four random patterns (each one has multiple drops and at least one fake out), so it’s hard to predict when or how far you are going to fall. If you can stomach it, this ride is a must.

2. Toy Story Midway Mania Ride

I had heard good things about this ride so we went over to it early to grab a fast pass. It’s a good thing we did as we got 3 of the last passes available for the day and the return window on them was between 9-10pm! I can see why the line up for passes was so long- it was one of my favourite rides at Disney! In this ride you get to shoot at moving targets through a midway themed maze full of Toy Story characters. Not only do you get to compete with other riders for points, you get to experience Mr. Potato Head in 4D. Can’t get much better than that.

Toy Story, Hollywood Studios

1. Muppet Vision 3D

Muppets. That one word is all I need to hear to convince me to head over to Hollywood Studios. This 3D show features all the classic Muppets with their lovable mishaps and corny jokes. Part video, part live action fun, I could spend all day here. Oh, did I mention Muppets?

Kermit the Frog, Hollywood Studios

Muppet Fountain, Hollywood Studios