Magic Kingdom

5 Reasons to Visit Magic Kingdom

5. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Thunder Mountain is not what you would call a serious roller coaster. It’s not the fastest, the tallest or the scariest ride at the park, but it might be the one with the most character. It’s a great ride for people who don’t like being tossed around too much, but the fun starts before you even get on the ride. While you are in line you can’t help but pick up some of the backstory and get into the spirit of the ride. I mean, it’s only “the wildest ride in the wilderness!” This ride kept us a hootering and a hollering for hours afterwards.

4. Main Street Electrical Parade/ Mad Tea Party

I couldn’t decide between these two, so it’s a tie for #4. Both are classic attractions at Magic Kingdom and are super fun. The Main Street Electrical Parade features floats and people covered in electronically controlled lights accompanied by music. It’s so iconic of Disney, I couldn’t help but put it in. However, the Tea Cups are also well known and just as much fun (assuming you like spinning). Jesse became a crazy man on this ride, trying to make it spin as fast as possible and Jay, of course, jumped right in. Maybe next time I’ll get my own cup. After all, it will almost certainly be my very merry unbirthday!

3. Mickey’s PhilharMagic

If you are a fan of classic Disney movies you should definitely see this 4D film, which is one of the few attractions that features Disney animation. The premise of the movie is that the audience is going to see the PhilharMagic, which Mickey is conducting. However, things begin to run a muck when Donald Duck steps in and the performance, as one would expect, escalates into chaos.  Put on your opera glasses and get sucked into the world of Disney!

2. Wishes!

This is a fireworks show you aren’t going to want to miss. It is without a doubt the best fireworks show I’ve ever seen. All of the other Disney shows are great, but Wishes! is the only one that focuses mainly on the fireworks (and it shows). Sing “When You Wish Upon a Star” with your favourite Disney characters and watch the sky light up. This is a show everyone should see once in their life.


1. Space Mountain/ Splash Mountain

The Disney mountain rides are arguably two of the most iconic and loved rides of all time. Space Mountain takes place primarily in the dark, which makes an otherwise basic coaster one of the most entertaining to ride. There is a hidden camera somewhere along the track, which we found out afterwards as we caught a glimpse of the most hilarious photo of Jay I’ve ever seen. When even the photo staff are laughing hysterically you know it’s good. We bought it (which we never do), but sadly I have yet to convince Jay to let me put it online.

Splash mountain is a log flume ride that also takes place mostly in the dark. It’s based on the Disney movie Song of the South. Since the main drop takes place in the light and it’s obvious where the camera is, taking funny pictures on this ride has become somewhat of a thing.  But, as fun as the ride is, the best part about Splash Mountain has got to be this 90s promo: