5 Things You Should Not Miss in Las Vegas

5 Things You Should Not Miss in Las Vegas

5. Jubilee: The Showgirl Reborn at Bally’s

Nothing screams Las Vegas more than a half naked, feather laden showgirls. Sadly, there is only one place left in Vegas to see them- Bally’s Jubilee show. Around since 1981, Jubilee has outlasted every other, making it the longest running show in Las Vegas. On stage every day but Friday, this show is sure to entertain. If you’d like to see showgirls, but want something a little different try the backstage tour. You will see backdrops and costumes up close and get to hear just what goes on behind the scenes. Don’t forget to take your picture with a Vegas showgirl!

Jubilee Vegas, Backstage

4. Bellagio Fountains

This spectacular light, sound, and water display is known worldwide. The shows start around 3 pm (earlier on weekends) and run every 30 min until 8 pm, when they start going off every 15 minutes until 12 am. You must catch at least one show to watch the hundreds of choreographed fountains dance to songs such as “Your Song” and “Viva Las Vegas.”

Fun Facts

Bellagio Fountains, Las Vegas

3. Cirque du Soleil- ‘O’

Everyone has heard of this Canadian circus company, and many people have seen one of their shows. You can’t really go wrong with any Cirque production, but ‘O’ is especially amazing as it incorporates a 1.5 million gallon pool of water and a retractable stage. It’s breathtaking and a feat of engineering.

Fun Facts

  • The name is a play on eau, the French word for water
  • Due to chemicals in the water, some costumes only last 20 shows
  • The musicians play behind glass to protect the instruments
  • The show has been performed over 6000 times

2. Cravings Buffet at The Mirage

It’s hard to write about this one without wanting to get on a plane. Jay is a buffet fanatic and I always plan at least one buffet into every trip we take. However, since Las Vegas is known for its abundance of food, we tried out a few. Even though we normally try and find the hidden gems at a lower price point, Cravings won our buffet search not just for Vegas, but for anywhere we have traveled so far. With 11 international cooking stations, including seafood and homemade gelato, and all you can drink wine or beer (champagne during the weekend brunch) it’s hard to stop eating. With a price point between $19-$35 it’s more than we normally spend, but we enjoyed it enough we splurged and went back a second time!

Cravings, Las Vegas

1. Penn and Teller at The Rio

We LOVE Penn and Teller. We love their TV show Bullshit, we love (most) of their politics, and we love that they don’t let other people push them around. We even own a couple of Penn’s books. So, naturally we HAD to see their show in Vegas. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Even if you think you don’t like magic (or know how it’s all done), go see this show.

Penn & Teller’s live show on any given night can also involve knives, guns, a fire – eating showgirl and a cow. Known as the “Bad Boys of Magic,” for supposedly revealing the secrets to their tricks, they may show you how it’s done, but they still leave you startled. The Los Angeles Times proclaimed it the “…the single best show in Vegas.” (source)

We also think it’s pretty awesome that they come out and greet their fans after every show. If you stick around you can get an autograph and a picture with Penn and/or Teller. How many performers take the time to do that?!

Us and Penn at the Rio, Las Vegas