Hershey's PA

A Visit to Hershey

Jay is a certified chocoholic so if I had let us pass through Pennsylvania without stopping in Hershey, Jay would have killed me. Not only is it the home of Hershey’s Chocolate World, the whole census-designated place is chocolate themed.



We went to visit Chocolate World (free) and went on the Great American Chocolate Tour ride (also free) to learn all about how Hershey’s chocolate is made. The ride took us through many rooms including one with animatronic cows singing about milk


One of the last rooms had chocolate bars everywhere displaying the packaging process and all the different products that Hershey makes. Jay was very tempted to take one, but I managed to hold him back. Jay asked an employee in the lobby how often people steal a chocolate bar off the ride and she said it happens about once a week. Unfortunately for them they are apparently fake and come with a side of security escort.

We did however, get a Halloween sized Hershey bar upon exiting the ride. Jay stuck out his left hand and got a sample. He then stuck his right hand behind his back and got a second sample. With the commotion of people I’m pretty sure the Hershey woman didn’t realize Jay’s sneaky trick, which he was pretty proud of. This is a guy who will go to great lengths for free samples, so I’m not surprised. In addition, I was allergic to chocolate at the time so Jay also got mine! Hello I’m Jay, and I’m a chocoholic….

Sadly the make your own chocolate bar exhibit was under repair so we didn’t get to try that out, but we made up for it with the amount of discounted merchandise we purchased at the store. Classic Hershey bars, Reese’s Pieces, tubs of mixed chocolate bars and giant Twizzlers filled our back seat. If you’ve been reading my blog you will recall that our air conditioning was broken at the time and we had to buy a giant freezer bag (and fill it with McDonald’s ice) to keep our loot from melting. It was a fun museum and Jay remained happy for many weeks in his chocolate coma (I want to say months, but who am I kidding).