My friends tell me I have the “fastest face in the west.” There is a chance, albeit small, that I’m a tad dramatic. I’m also a bit weird, fairly silly, and always up for an adventure! I’ve had the travel bug since I can remember. When I was a teenager I dreamed of building homes in South America with Habitat for Humanity. When I was a young adult I dreamed of teaching English in Kenya. I’ve always tried to avoid the 9-5 rut and have never been good at working for someone else; I’m really awful at office politics. The problem is, I’ve never liked change. What’s a girl to do? Surround herself with people who force her to take risks! My love of scrapbooking has now found it’s online persona.


The Beginning

After I lost my job and the apartment we were renting was sold, my ex-husband and I decided that instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we would use it as an opportunity to make a change. Jay found a cheap flight to Cancun and even though neither one of us had ever been, we made it our home for the next year. I started blogging (Mexico, Eh?) to keep our family and friends up to date with our new lives, but soon realized that I loved the online travel community. From that point on our sporadic vacations turned into wintering in Mexico and as much extra travel as we could manage.

My Travel

My goal is to travel everywhere. I believe that there is beauty in every corner of the world and that there are lessons to be learned in every culture. When I travel I try to find a good balance between tourist and local, planned and spontaneous, and upscale and budget. I love meeting new people and I love to be active. I call Toronto home, so I figured I’d start my adventure in North America. Just because it’s home, doesn’t mean it’s not full of surprises, culture, and awe.

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Facts about Jen:
-I was allergic to chocolate until I was 26
-I have asthma (I write about it and disabilities on my blog Adventures For The Chronically Ill)
-I’m addicted to coffee and obsessed with Muppets
-I am the real life version of Monica from Friends.
-My heart is in non-profit work and education
-I find learning languages surprisingly difficult

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 Life’s too short not to see the world!