Celebration, Florida

Celebration- A Town of Disney Proportions

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away there was a place called Celebration. It was a wonderful gated community created by Disney with colourful architecture and a direct road to Disney World called World Drive.

It may sound like a made up place, but Celebration exists as an unincorporated town next to Kissimmee, Florida and has a population of over 7000 people.

Disney CEO Michael Eisner took an especially keen interest in the development of the new town in the early days, encouraging the executives at Disney Development Company to “make history” and develop a town worthy of the Disney brand and legacy that extended to Walt Disney’s vision of an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT).


Celebration, FL

Photo: Bobak Ha’Eri


Curious to see this Disney town, we drove over to take a look. It was raining when we arrived making it seem deserted, which only added to its creepy ambiance. Everything seemed perfectly in place, everyone we passed seem perfectly happy and every detail was as it should be. It felt like stepping on to the set of The Stepford Wives or the Truman Show.

Despite the rain it was still quite warm and Jay, who must have been a fish in a previous life, wanted to cool off in some water. We came across this splash pad type area in one of the parks and Jay was all ready to go in. The problem was it was clearly supposed to be for kids, and there were a handful already frolicking the water. Jay has no shame, so this was unlikely to be a deal-breaker. However there was a second, and arguably more significant problem: Jay wasn’t wearing his swimsuit. We were carrying our beach bag though so, after weighing the options, Jay decided to take the risk. We went behind a bush and Jay changed into his bathing suit while I held up a towel. He then went and frolicked in the fountain with the kids. It’s a good thing I (a respectable looking woman) was there with him or this story might have ended very differently.

Just another day in the life of Jay and Jen.

(Featured Photo: Bobak Ha’Eri)