Circus Circus, Vegas

Circus Circus, Vegas

When we went to Las Vegas I spent a lot of time deciding on a hotel. There are so many to choose from it’s hard to know where to start! While there are many upscale and fancy hotels on the main strip, our budget wouldn’t allow us to go all out. I started looking at the hotels that were located at the very end of the strip. It seemed like a bit of a walk to the main attractions; was it worth it?

Circus Circus Sign

Circus Circus

It turns out, yes! It is a bit of a walk to the main strip, but not so far as to make the amazing deals Circus, Circus offers not worth it. We walk a lot in Toronto anyway so for us is wasn’t a big deal. For those who don’t enjoy walking or cant walk, the public transit system on the strip is reliable and comfortable. Another plus was that we were closer to Fremont Street!

In addition to the significantly cheaper prices (Keep an eye out for deals up to 50% off) this hotel has a ton of entertainment! Other than the casino (of course) there are circus acts going on most of the day! Not much beats free entertainment!

Circus Circus 2

The hotel also has an adventure dome with rides and a midway. If you have children this is definitely the right choice of hotel.

One other thing we especially liked was the buffet! We are big buffet fans, so we are somewhat biased, but when in Vegas… haha. The breakfast buffet was reasonable priced ($17.99) and had a good selection. I would recommend the breakfast buffet over the dinner buffet though, as the price for dinner ($19.99) doesn’t match the quality of food.

Circus, Circus certainly isn’t a high end hotel, but I was impressed considering what I paid. It was clean, the service was good, and the location wasn’t as bad as I had been led to believe.