Coke Museum, Atlanta Georgia

Don’t Drink the Beverly

Few things are better than an ice cold Coke on a hot day. Perhaps that is why The Coca-Cola Company, the worlds largest beverage manufacturer, has its very own museum in Atlanta, Georgia. The World of Coca-Cola is an amusing way to spend a couple of hours, especially if you are a fan of the drink.

023Coke, past and present…

We got to check out rooms full of Coke slogans and paraphernalia, and then we watched a 3D movie about Coke commercials from around the world (coke is synonymous with polar bears to me). It was cool, but Jay couldn’t help feeling like he had just paid $16 to be indoctrinated with Coke propaganda. Haha.


We also got to check out exhibits on the history of Coke and the making of Coke (with life sized machined). Jay and I don’t drink much pop, but it appears we are in the minority.

Some “pop”ular facts about Coke:

  • Coke was invented in 1886 by a pharmacist name John Stith Pemberton
  • They have over 3500 products worldwide in over 200 countries
  • 1.9 billion servings of coke are enjoyed daily
  • There are almost 900 bottling plants around the world

024Our last stop proved to be the best one- a giant room filled with Coke products from around the world! Each section represented a continent with multiple fountains featuring the local favourites. We ran around like kids in a candy store, trying out all the different flavours. Two of our favourites were banana and kiwi from South Africa!

And then came Beverly.


Had Jay read the description, he would have realized that this Italian soda was marketed as a non-alcoholic aperitif. As one might expect, it tasted like bitter tonic water. Apparently it was pretty bad because Jay, my human garbage disposal, spat it out into a garbage can. He said the drink maker must have named it after a bad breakup. Oh Beverly.

But, the story wouldn’t be complete without some typical Jay antics. Never one to like suffering alone, he spent the next 20 minutes standing at the Beverly station telling innocent passers by how wonderful it was and how they just had to try it. All in a days work.