Spooky Moon

Driving through Rural USA- Scaring Yourself 101

Jay and I watch a lot of crime TV; we also own the entire series of Criminal Minds, which is especially creepy and disturbing. Another fact that one learns quickly about us is that Jay is always trying to scare, tease, or mock me (in an entirely loving way- of course). So, it was no surprise when Jay tried it while driving though rural USA in the middle of the night.

In hopes of fitting in as much fun as possible on one of our trips, Jay and I took turns driving late into the night while in between destinations . One night, as we were driving through a deserted area of the states, we went in search of a bathroom. We took an exit off the highway and ended up at a lone gas station/convenience store.

The convenience store was only manned by one middle-aged women and a single car lingered across the lot.  A few stray cats were digging through the garbage near our car and a lone light flickered above us. I probably wouldn’t have stopped had I not need a bathroom, but I tried to be as fast as possible. After using the bathroom Jay suggested a quick look at the stars so we drove a minute down the street away from the light.

It was at this moment that Jay realized that our surroundings looked like an episode of Criminal Minds. He started to go on and on about how deserted it was and how there was probably someone hiding in the forest watching us. I got scared and he joking locked the car door on me. Just then a twig snapped in the forest. Then another. Jay looked at me and we both got in the car as fast as we could, locked the door, and got out of there at top speed. There was almost certainly no one there (except maybe a deer), but it serves Jay right for trying to get my goat.

spoky moon

Photo: Ray Bodden

Rural USA is a beautiful place, but I think I’m going to stick to daytime driving from now on. And maybe lay off the crime shows. Although, I’m not sure it’s entirely my fault it scares me; I’m going to blame Hollywood for at least a portion of my irrational fears.