Gatorland- A Chomping Good Time

If you are looking for a unique way to spend the afternoon, Gatorland might just be your answer. Part zoo, part show, part interactive exhibit, it has something for anyone. I wasn’t 100% sure about it at first because, lets face it, how many hours of entertainment can you possibly get out of an alligator? But, surprisingly, I quite enjoyed myself.


I have never seen so many alligators in one place. Big ones, small ones, albino ones, you name it Gatorland probably has it. Thousands of alligators across 110 acres is something to be in awe over. It’s kind of like a million dollars in cash- it’s hard to imagine until you actually see it.


The staff here are friendly and knowledgeable and the park has a lot of “old Florida charm.” There are many activities for every age group including areas to see other animals such as snakes, tortoises, and birds. The story behind Gatorland is one of those feel good mushy ones that makes the place even more endearing. After 65 years the place has come along way, and has recently added the Scremin’ Gator Zip Line course as it’s newest attraction. Despite this, my favourite parts of the park date a bit farther back.

Three things not to miss at Gatorland:
  1. The Gator Jumparoo Show

Watch gators jump out of the water to grab their meal dangling above them. It reminds you just how powerful these animals are.


  1. The Breading Marsh

You can’t get much closer to an alligator (safely) than on this walkway through marsh land. Buy some hot dogs from the shop and watch the gators go crazy as you feed them.


  1. The Aviary

I’ve been to butterfly conservatories before, but it didn’t quite prepare me for the sensation of being surrounded by budgies. They were on Jay’s head, on my shoulder, and eating my anklet (which apparently looks like bird food). One of my favourite things we did in Florida!



If all this excitement gets you hot and bothered you can always cool down in front of one of their “hillbilly air-conditioners.” There’s that old Florida charm again!

DSC02763See ya later, alligator. We’ll be back for sure. (I had to get that in there somewhere)