Getting Carded in Vegas

Getting Carded in Vegas

It’s no surprise that with all the gambling and drinking, combined with strict laws, that there is a lot of carding going on in Las Vegas. I, however, did not expect either one of us to be part of it. I’m sure there are thousands of underage people trying to take part in Vegas activities every day, but neither one of us is even close to being underage. Despite this, both of us got carded on our trip to Las Vegas.


I was carded on our very first day in Las Vegas at our hotel, Circus Circus. Ironically, I was sitting at a Cops and Donuts slot machine when I was approached by a security guard asking to see ID. At first I was confused. Being from Ontario, I’m used to the legal age for gambling being 19. Momentarily I thought I had figured it out- the legal age is 21 in the USA! Then I realized that I was nowhere near 21 years of age. I guess I look young for my age. I took it as a compliment. The guard was friendly and didn’t seem to mind my confused ramblings. In fact, I was so flattered that I asked for a picture with him to commemorate the moment!

Circus Circus Security Guard


As surprised as I was to get carded, it was even more of a shocker when Jay got asked for his ID! Now Jay definitely looks young for his age, and I love the way he looks (of course), but by no means does he look under 21. He doesn’t even look under 31 (sorry dear)!

About halfway through our trip we took a walk over to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. We spent the morning at the pool and then headed in for some lunch and a bit of gambling. We were minding our own business when a drink lady came over and asked us if we wanted anything. Jay asked for a daiquiri (or something more manly) and the waitress asked for his ID. At first we kind of laughed because we thought she was making a joke. Sadly, she was not. Unfortunately, Jay had forgotten his wallet at our hotel; the thought that he might get asked for ID never crossed his mind. Jay resigned himself to not getting a drink and turned back to the machine we were playing. However, the waitress was not only going to refuse to give Jay a drink, she was going to kick us out! Jay was kind of annoyed at this point and he asked to speak to a manager about the situation. The waitress (who was quite rude) said okay and then disappeared. A couple minutes later back up arrived. But it wasn’t a manager, it was security! No one wanted to talk to us, they just wanted to get us out of there.

Maybe it’s just us, but kicking out paying customers that are clearly not breaking the law seems like a bad business decision. The difference between the Hard Rock staff and the Circus Circus staff was like night and day- something I’ll remember for future reference! We made the best of it though- Jay made sure to keep is ID with him for the rest of the trip (he never needed it) and we went and gave a different casino our hard earned money!