Publix Pop Display

How Do You Pronounce Publix?

The first time we bought groceries outside of Ontario was in Orlando, Florida. We wanted a big chain grocery store, so after driving around for a bit, we settled on Publix. Being a southern USA chain, we had never heard about or seen a Publix store before. We instantly fell into a heated debate over the pronunciation of the Brand. Based on all the available linguistic possibilities we narrowed it down to 3.

  1. Pub-licks
  2. Poo-blix
  3. Pyub-lix

Jay and Jesse contemplated asking an employee, but luckily I managed to successfully veto that idea, as it most certainly would have turned into an embarrassing disaster. While number one is clearly the most probable (and least disturbing) option, the other two were strong contenders and we laughed like school kids at the thought. Note: I have since googled it and it is indeed number one. Too bad.

Apparently we aren’t the only ones with questions about the name. We agree with you Karman, Publi all the way.

Publix- FB Blog 2

Joking aside, we liked Publix. They had a lot of good deals, their regular prices were comparable to home, and they seemed to take pride in their store. What better way to be welcomed to Orlando than a pop case Mickey Mouse display!

Publix Mickey Mouse display

As well as the basics, we were also looking for ingredients to make our own sangria. We found a 2L bottle of red wine for $12. Being from Ontario (and Canada in general) this was a big deal for us and we giddily went in search of some juice. What we found was this “punch” which, if you look closely, contains “less than 1% juice.” We understand. You certainly wouldn’t want any fruit juice diluting your sugar. Oh Florida.

Publix juice

We eventually did find a beverage with a bit more fruit in it and it made yummy Sangria. Along with a giant watermelon and a tub of pecans we bought at road side stands in Georgia, we ate pretty well on our trip to Florida. Next time we’re in the area we’ll be hitting up another Publix, but this time I’ll have coupons and lots of them (gotta love the USA’s coupon policies!)