Marriott Sign

Marriott’s Royal Palms Resort, Orlando

On our trip to Orlando Jay’s parents were kind enough to let us use a week of their timeshare, so we got to stay at Marriott’s Royal Palms. The villa and resort are by far the nicest we’ve ever stayed at and we made sure to take advantage of as many of the amenities as possible.

After successfully finding our way into the complex (which involved Jay almost missing a median and driving down the wrong side of street), we checked out our villa. I was immediately impressed with the size, layout and cleanliness of our unit. Please excuse the messiness of our pictures though, I didn’t remember to take them until we had already “settled in.”





master bedroom


master bathroom



second bedroom


second bathroom

We arrived late in the afternoon and, after doing groceries, were hoping to use one of their BBQs to cook up some burgers. We loved that the Marriott had outdoor BBQs for the guests to use, but we were a little disappointed in the way they were run. The BBQ closest to us was fueled by coal, but there was no coal in it. We called the lobby to inquire and were told that we had to buy coal to use it. We thought that was a bit cheesy. By the time we had figured this out the BBQs had closed for the evening; so, we saved our burgers for the next night and took a stroll around to get acquainted with the property. And of course, what did we find? A gas BBQ about a 30 second walk from the concierge desk. Marriot Fail.

After dinner we made some Sangria and got ready for some hot tub action. As I’ve mentioned before, Jay is a reincarnated fish; so, having a hot tub in our room scores Marriott big points. Jay filled the tub and turned the dial, but it didn’t turn on. Jay called the desk to ask for help and the staff member explained that there were sensors in the tub that prevented it from running unless it was completely full. So, Jay added more water and tried again. Still nothing. Jay was getting frustrated at this point thinking that it was broken, so I went in to see if I could help. Maybe turning on the giant ON/OFF switch would be a good starting point? Jay blames the sangria.

We loved everything about our room except one thing: the hot tub jets were very loud and Marriott had set the TV so that the volume only went up to 49, making it virtually impossible to watch TV while in the hot tub. Obviously you wouldn’t want to risk disturbing the neighbours, but there must be some compromise that would allow you to enjoy both at the same time. Regardless, we settled on World’s Scariest Police Chases, which really doesn’t need much audio explanation.

While the Royal Palms has their own smaller pool and hot tub area, the main pool is a short shuttle ride away at Marriott’s Orlando World Center Resort. The shuttle was regular and punctual so this was fine with us. The pool itself was one of the nicest pools we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen a lot). It had a bar, a slide, a waterfall, and a cave area with a group of hot tubs. We did some lengths, had pool noodle fights, and enjoyed the ambiance, which was especially beautiful at night all lit up.

Marriott World Center

Photo: minnemom

Overall I would highly recommend staying at the Marriott’s Royal Palms. We had a few minor issues, but all the important stuff went smoothly. It is a beautiful property  and it’s in a very convenient location. Clearly other people agree with us too. I felt at home here, which isn’t always the case with big establishments such as this. I will happily return in the future.