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Welcome to A Jen For Travel!  I’m a travel junkie with a passion for education and non-profit work. Read more about me here.

I started my adventure in North America, which is a significantly underrepresented area in travel blogging. My goal is not to increase my country count or to visit the most exotic places (although both of these will happen over time), but to find adventure everywhere I go, even if it’s only a short drive away. Everywhere is exciting to someone. I have been focused on making it to all 50 states (plus DC), all 10 provinces, and as much of Mexico as I can. I have recently started branching out into Central and South America and I’m loving it!

I do not travel constantly. In fact, most winters you will find me as an expat in Mexico. Check out my expat blog about living in Cancun. I am not an expert on backpacking or here to tell you how to quit your job and travel the world. I am just a weirdo who gets into a lot of interesting (and unexpected) situations and wants to share her story.

When I travel I try to balance:

touristy vs. local experience

expensive vs. budget

planned vs. spontaneous

Travel Plans for 2016: Mexico (Merida, DF, Cancun) and Peru


If you are interested in working with me, learning more about what I do, or just want to say hi, you can reach me via email or through one of my cool social media sights.

Email: [email protected]