Original KFC- Spot the Colonel

On our way down south we drove through Kentucky. So naturally, we had to stop at Harland Sanders Cafe and Museum for lunch. Harland Sanders started selling what is now known as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in the back of a service station in Corbin Kentucky in 1930. Over time it grew into the world’s second largest restaurant chain that we know today.

I’m not a huge fan of fried food, but Jay and I got a small box to share as we checked out the museum, which included Harland Sanders’ old office, his old kitchen and years worth of memorabilia


As we were finishing our meal Jay noticed a middle aged man at the register. Apparently, he looked so much like Colonel Sanders that Jay felt compelled to get proof. He didn’t want to bother the man since he was convinced that he must get stopped all the time looking like he did, so he set a plot in motion. We grabbed a table by the door and set up our cup “for comparison.” Jay camped out for 15 minutes waiting for the man to leave the restaurant. He crouched down with the camera and, as the man turned to leave, started taking pictures. I’m not sure if the man noticed Jay, but if he did he probably got straight into his car and locked the door. We’re not really a creepy couple I swear! Sadly for Jay the camera’s face recognition kicked in and the mystery man is blurry. The colonel on the cup looks pretty good though!