Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf, Orlando

For someone who can’t stand regular golf, Jay gets very enthusiastic about mini golf. We had a coupon and it’s got extremely good reviews, so we headed over to Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf for 2 rounds while we were in Orlando. As we approached the desk Jay started doing his best pirate voice. The clerk didn’t look amused. Thinking perhaps she was pirated out, Jay asked the woman what percentage of visitors did the pirate imitation thing. She said maybe 1% and looked at Jay like he was nuts. Ok, either she’s lying to get Jay to shut up or Orlando has some pretty lame people. I mean even they claim “swashbuckling fun for the whole family!”

We picked our balls and I quickly realized that we had picked blue, black, and purple, the colours of pain. We called ourselves Team Bruiser (which is fitting since I bruise very easily). The course was fun and varied and even though I lost, I had a good time. We went back to the desk to get our second set of balls. Jay happened to mention to the clerk what we had named ourselves. By this point Jay should have known better, but instead we got another “you’re crazy” look. I think this woman needs to play a round herself. We should have brought her an eye patch.



look who joined us on the green!

As we had already gotten our mini golf bearings, the second round became super competitive. I’m not sure what I should have expected with two grown men playing mini golf, but by about half way through it was an all out war between Jay and Jesse. On the second last hole Jay began to worry that he was going to lose so he hatched a plot. According to our team rules leaving the course meant a 1 stroke penalty. So, Jay deliberately hit his ball so hard it went past the course, over the green and landed in the parking lot (surprisingly) just a few feet away from the hole.


When he brought the ball back on to the course he only had to make a 2 inch putt to claim the winning title. Jesse was not amused. Well that was until Jay spent 20 minutes looking for his sunglasses, only to find them in his back pocket. Good times.