Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden

Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden

It’s hard to talk about Vegas without mentioning Siegfried and Roy; their classic magic show was a hit at the Mirage for over a decade. They were a groundbreaking magic act in Las Vegas, and have spent most of their careers trying to protect endangered animals and on educational endeavors. Sadly, they are perhaps best known for the on- stage brutal attack of Roy in 2003. Despite being bitten in the neck by Mantecore, a male white tiger, Roy never blamed the animal and insisted that he be kept safe. Although Siegfried and Roy have retired from magic, their legacy lives on at their Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat.

In the Secret Garden you can see white tigers, white lions, panthers, and leopards. The habitat closely resembles the animals natural environment, and they are given exceptional care and attention. The secret garden portion of the exhibit is a bit small, but I can certainly appreciate the intent behind it (helping endangered animals) and it’s nice to see such beautiful animals up close.

White Tiger, Secret Garden

Palm tree, Secret Garden

Secret Garden, gift shop

As much as I love jungle cats, I have to say my favourite part of the exhibit was the dolphin habitat. There were no big scheduled shows, but we got quite close to the dolphins and watched as they played and participated in training. In fact, we spent over an hour talking to one of the trainers as she interacted with the dolphins and taught us lots of interesting facts. This seems to fit in with the goal of the facility, which is research and education.

dolphin, las vegas

dolphin, Las Vegas

dolphin, Las Vegas

Overall, I would say if you love animals and enjoy learning Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is a nice (family friendly) afternoon activity. However, at $19.95 for adults, many people might find it slightly overpriced for what you get. As with most animal based attractions it can be a hit or a miss depending on what is going on when you arrive. If things are a little slow, make sure you get a stamp and return later on in the day!