Isla Blanca

The Pros and Cons of Getting Rained On

I love the rain. Thunder and Lightning. Finding a rainbow. Snuggling under a blanket with a cup of warm apple cider watching it hit the window. All good things.

Jay does not like the rain. Being cooped up indoors. Tracking mud through the house. Cloudy days that make you feel melancholy. Not as good.

Like most things in life, rain can be good and bad and that doesn’t change while you are on vacation. Most people think of rain as a negative thing while on a trip, but it doesn’t have to be. Rain rain go away, come back another day (when it’s most convenient for me preferably…)


CON: Camping

While on a road trip out east (Altanltic Canada) we did a lot of camping. In fact, we camped almost every day for 3 weeks. Halfway though our trip we accidentally left our tarp at a campsite. By the time we realized this we were miles away- too far to go back. We shrugged it off and decided it wasn’t a big deal. That is until it rained unexpectedly one night and we woke up in small puddles. Rain is not your friend in a tent.


PRO: Snorkeling

When we visited Belize we only spent one day in San Pedro and the main reason we went was to snorkel. We were pretty bummed when that day turned out to be grey and cloudy with a chance of torrential downpour. We asked around but most of the snorkeling companies were not going out and the ones that would needed a minimum of 4 people (and it’s hard to convince people to go snorkeling on a crappy day). We asked our hostel owner if he could help us out and he came through- big time! He got a snorkel guide to take us out (without the minimum passengers) for the normal price. We got on the boat and headed over to the reef and wouldn’t you know it, our rain luck struck again. The skies cleared and we got a 2 hour private snorkeling tour (and a sun burn).


CON: Clouds are Unpredictable

One day in Mexico Jay decided he really wanted to go kiteboarding. The best spot is about 20km away so we hopped on our motorcycle and started out. About 2 minutes into our trip the sky went dark and it started pouring. We took cover in a library to wait it out. When it stopped we tried to watch the clouds and plot their route. It seemed like they were not headed in the same direction as us. As we continued driving however, it quickly became apparent that the clouds had changed direction and were now chasing us! If we slowed down for even a few minutes we could feel the edge of the cloud above us. Instead of turning back like most sane people we decided to go anyway. The downpour at the library had only lasted 15 minutes so Jay thought we could just wait it out once we got there. His plan didn’t quite work. 1 hour later we were finally able to drive home. Thank goodness for palm trees, towels and crossword books!


PRO: Theme Park

We spent a day at the Universal parks and it was beautiful outside for most of the day. Late in the afternoon it started to rain and get dark. As most people started filing out of the park we got a warm Starbucks drink and went looking for our next ride. We were a bit chilly and were actually contemplating leaving when we discovered the Mummy! This ride has just what you need on a chilly evening- a ball of fire! The line up for this ride was almost non-existent thanks to the rain and we spent about 45 min running from the end of the ride back to the front. By the time the rain stopped we were warm and the park was empty! Win-Win!

CON: Rain Hurts

The best CON ever goes to Jay and Jesse at Universal. Before we discovered the Mummy ride Jay and Jesse decided that they would go on a coaster, specifically the kind where you dangle below the track. The line up wasn’t that long so they waited for the front seat. Little did they realize that when you are going 100 km an hour rain kind of hurts. A lot. They came off red faced and in pain from the little pellets of water that had been assaulting them throughout the ride. What could possibly make this funnier? Fast forward 30 min. The rain had stopped so they decided to try the coaster again. They waited for the front again, determined to get the ride they had attempted earlier. They got to the front and as the woman clicks in their safety harness seconds before the ride starts she says, “oh, it’s started raining again.”