The Time Our A/C Broke During a Heat Wave

For our road trip to Florida we decided to borrow a car instead of renting one. It was an older car, but it seemed like a good plan at the time. It was taken in for a tune up and to fix the A/C before we left so we didn’t really give it a second thought. We started out fine, but about 2 hours into the trip the A/C stopped working. Jay woke up in a sweat from the backseat. Welcome to our 12 day road trip south.

As we traveled farther south it got hotter and hotter (naturally), but it seemed a little to warm. Turning on the radio we discovered the wonderful news: southern USA was experiencing warmer than normal temperatures. It was a heat wave. Driving on the highway the wind felt like a hairdryer. Jay kept asking me to drop ice cubes down his back and started pulling over at any and every pool we saw.

Incident 1, while not really the car’s fault, I’m going to chalk it up to prolonged exposure to heat (contributed to by the A/C). I was standing in line for the Shrek ride at Universal when I suddenly got very faint and nauseous. I figured it was heat stroke, but was trying to fight it so as not to lose our place in line. To my surprise, the staff were amazing! When they realized I was ill they brought me to a “staff only” area and got me some water while I lay down. Jesse (my best male friend) went and got me a pretzel for the salt content (but really, who ever says no to a pretzel) and I rested.


Looking cool…

After 30 minutes or so I was refreshed and ready to continue. Not only did the Universal staff help me when I was sick, they brought me to the front of the line once I was better! Can’t beat that service.

Incident 2 happened on our drive home. Let’s stop in Washington we thought. It will be cool to see the White House we said (we’ve since made a trip back to Washington that consisted of more than 1 hour). What we forgot to think about was that it was rush hour and we were near Washington. Epic Fail. So, after getting stuck in the loop that surrounds Washington for hours in the heat wave with no A/C I fell victim to heat stroke again. Seriously, what is up with me? We pulled off into a little town and asked if there was a hospital or clinic near by (at this point my head felt like was going to explode and I was seriously dehydrated). There wasn’t any medical facility for miles BUT (this is where the good part starts) there WAS a fire hall just down the road. So it sucked that I got sick (again), but I did get to spend an hour with 6 hot (ahem, I mean kind) firemen who waited on me hand and foot. Sadly, in my state of distress, I forgot to get a picture. But it happened, I swear!

Incident 3 was almost a tragic ending to our trip. After making our last stop in Hershey, PA we started home with over 20 lbs of discounted chocolate (gotta love the Hershey store). Except, in our excitement, we had forgotten the ever so important fact that we had no air conditioning. Damn. However, we were smart enough to get a freezer bag. So for the next 6 hours we made frequent stops at McDonald’s to get ice to keep our loot from melting. It was touch and go for a while, but every bar made it home safe and sound.

In conclusion:

Con: A/C in car broke

Pro: Borrowing the car saved us lots of money

Con: Got heat stroke twice

Pro: Got a pretzel, got to go to the front of the Shrek line at Universal and got to spend an hour with 6 hot firemen

Con: Almost lost $100 worth of chocolate

Pro: The chocolate survived and we gave many McDonald’s employees a story to tell (those silly Canadians)