Wonderworks, Orlando

A cross between a science centre and Disney Quest (arcade), Wonderworks is a fun way to spend the day. Admission also includes a 4D motion ride and an indoor ropes course. Prices are reasonable, the building is cool, and the exhibits are interesting. Children definitely won’t be bored, but even adults can find plenty of entertainment here.


The first thing Jay found was a heads- up display war simulation game. It was also what he played while waiting for dinner and what he played before we left that evening. If I hadn’t said something I suspect I could have left him there overnight and he wouldn’t have noticed.

Luckily I did say something and we got to check out a variety of exhibits. We experienced 70 mph winds in an artificial twister chamber, did some personality tests, played shadow air hockey, played a giant piano, and got to computer generate ourselves as members of different races. I did not look pretty.



One of my favourite exhibits was the giant bubble room. Ever been inside of a bubble? We have.




I think Jesse is having a bit too much fun here

We stayed at Wonderworks for dinner and saw the Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show. We weren’t expecting a lot as we’ve seen many magic shows and some of the reviews were apathetic, but it was pretty good! With our show ticket (which was about $19 dollars with our package) we got unlimited salad, cheese and pepperoni pizza, popcorn, beer, wine, soda, and dessert (plus the show of course)! Luckily we got seated near the front, which can only mean one thing- you’re going to get picked on. Sure enough, Jay was chosen from the audience to help with a card trick. Jay didn’t make it easy on the magician though and, among other things, insisted that his name was Jeremiah. Despite this the trick was flawless, as were all his acts. We have no idea how he did some of his tricks and would say it was one of the better magic shows we’ve been to.


All and all I would say it was a great afternoon and evening. There were so many things to do anyone should be able to find something that they like. But most importantly, if you visit, stay for the magic show.

Tip: The ropes course will only allow you to participate with closed toed shoes and shorts or pants. I didn’t prepare accordingly and arrived in a skirt and flip flops. I did get a cool new pair of Orlando shorts out of it though.