Ziplining Over Nevada

Ziplining Over Nevada

Since I do almost all of the planing for our vacations and our Las Vegas trip happened to fall during Jesse’s birthday week, I wanted to surprise Jay and Jesse with something new and exciting. After some deliberation, I decided that ziplining over canyons would be pretty awesome. I went with Bootleg Canyon Flightlinez and I wasn’t disappointed!

Bootleg Canyon Flightlinez

Located in Boulder City, Nevada (about 30 minutes outside of Vegas), Flightlinez offers zipline tours over the Mojave Desert, down the Red Mountains. There are 4 ziplines (one is almost 1/2 a mile long and another goes up to 60 mph/96 kph) and the tour takes about 3 hours from start to finish.

After a quick safety lesson we headed up the mountains in a van. We then took a 15 minute hike to the top of the first run. Don’t worry, they provide water and lots of assistance if you need it. I was a little worried about a hike in the heat with my asthma (3800 feet above sea level), but I was fine. The staff were super understanding and even offered to carry me haha. We got suited up and then spent some time enjoying the amazing views!

Ziplining with Jay

Jay and Jesse Ziplining

The view from Red Mountains, Nevada

As I stepped on to the platform to get clipped in I was a bit nervous (the first line has a 400 foot drop). I also understand why they insist on tennis shoes; you would definitely lose a flip flop on this line. In fact, if you look closely, you will see that Jay starts the activity with a hat and is not wearing one at the end. Luckily this was our only ziplining casualty!

BC Flightlinez, Nevada

Ziplining in Nevada

Here we go!

Ziplining in Nevada

As nervous as I was, once I got going it was a blast! We got amazing views, an adrenaline rush, and completed a bucket list item! Actually, the scariest part was when I didn’t quite make it to the end of one line (I guess I’m just that light haha). Dangling over a canyon when you have nothing to do but wait and let your mind wander is a dangerous activity! Luckily, the staff at BC Flightlinez were quick to come assist and pull me in!

Jesse Ziplining

Jay Ziplining

Jen Ziplining rescue

I would highly recommend Bootleg Canyon Flightlinez and so would most people according to their page on Tripadvisor! Even though this activity is fairly expensive (be sure to look for a coupon before you book) I would say it was worth the money! Even better: a pick up from the strip is included in your ticket, making this activity accessible to any traveler!